Recommended Things To Do in Lombok

Lombok not only has breathtaking landscapes and beaches, but it also has an abundance of things to do, activities, and attractions that suit a wide range of traveler interests. Thanks to the breathtaking scenery, you may get your daily entertainment fix even with just a quick scooter ride or a beach stroll. We’ve put up this list of the greatest things to do in Lombok so that you can maximize your trip. Prepare to discover all of Lombok’s beauties!

Ideal days to spend in Lombok?

We advise staying in Lombok for at least 3 or 4 days in order to explore the island’s top attractions and have some memorable experiences. Please have a look at the sample of multiday tour packages includes with its itinerary and price on tour package listing.

On this lovely island, there are a variety of things for everyone to enjoy, including dramatic waterfall hikes, volcanic tours, and beach hopping.

Discover Lombok’s Top Beaches as One of the Top Things to Do in Lombok

Kuta Mandalika

Kuta Mandalika Beach, which is situated in the island’s capital city of Kuta Lombok, is renowned for its stunning white sand and clear sea. This area, which lies in the middle of the island, is full of hip pubs and local cafés that are great places to enjoy a drink as the sun sets.

The Stunning Beach of Tanjung Aan

Tanjung Aan Beach is only a 15-minute drive from Kuta Lombok and will greet you with a stunning panorama of blue water and a snow-white beach. Enjoy swimming at one of the island’s most stunning beaches, getting a tan, and relaxing in a bean bag chair while sipping a coconut. One of the best places to see a sunset is on this beach.

If you enjoy surfing, you can board a boat from Tanjung Aan Beach and travel to the adjacent surf breaks for 150k IDR per person. Also available is a fully guided Day trip of culture and Beaches on this page.

The Selong Belanak for surfing and tanning.

Selong Belanak, located 20 kilometers to the west of Kuta Beach, is one of Lombok’s most well-liked swimming, surfing, and relaxing beaches.

Mawi is The best beach for relaxation and Surfing

A 15-minute drive from Selong Belanak Beach, this white-sand beach is popular with beachgoers and surfers both. Enjoy a beach day with some roasted corn in your hand while swimming in the clear ocean and lounging on the fine sand.

The Semeti Beach

Semeti Beach, which is very near Mawi Beach, is a must-see location in Lombok. This beach, in contrast to the others, features striking rock formations that make for a lovely vista. Try cliff diving, go swimming in the clear sea, and remain for the stunning sunset.

The Unique of Pink Beach East Lombok.

Pink Beach, a distinctive beach in the southeast of Lombok, gets its name from the rosy pink sand that is made of coral fragments. Get those sought Instagram shots, take in the breathtaking surroundings, and go swimming in the crystal-clear water.

Gili Petelu should also be explored
You can reach this charming little island, famed for its world-class snorkeling locations where you can swim with starfish, in just five minutes by boat. Tour packages or day trips that include transportation and snorkeling can find and book online on Lombok Day Trip Page.

Discover the Island’s Best Surf Spots

Great surf breakers on Lombok are well-known for being ideal for beginning and intermediate surfers.
Selong, Gerupuk, and Kuta Lombok Beach are a few of the well-known ones.

From Gerupuk, you can take a boat to get to these surf spots.
Once there, you will come across a number of local surf shops where you can book a boat to get to the surf breaks.

Lombok is one of the greatest places to learn how to surf because there are less crowded spots than in Bali, so don’t worry if you’re a beginner. Adventure Lombok is one of the surf schools on the island are organizes a Surf Lesson for you, the surf lesson is available to book online.

Mount Rinjani Hike

Hiking at Mount Rinjani is one of the best things to do in Lombok.
A 3,726m (12,224ft) towering active volcano, it is renowned for its long hiking track and breathtaking crater lake views.
You must sign up for a 2-day tour that includes one night spent sleeping on the mountain in order to complete the full trek.
The Mount Rinjani trekking operator in Lombok Adventure Lombok Tour may organize this excursion with ease.

Another choice for individuals with a tight schedule is to sign up for morning day hiking tours.
These tours begin at midnight, and after five to six hours of hiking, you will witness a magnificent sunrise from the mountain’s summit.

Snorkelling at The Gili Islands

Get aboard a boat and explore the breathtaking underwater environment at the Gili Islands if you enjoy snorkeling.
The Gilis are renowned for having a variety of marine life that allows you to go swimming alongside sea turtles, lionfish, sea snakes, and many other vibrant aquatic animals.

These favorite activities are easy to join and book online on this page, The Gili islands snorkelling Day trip can start from Lombok or Gili islands.

Lombok Attractions

Waterfall Day Tour

One of the coolest things to do on Lombok is going waterfall hunting because the island is home to numerous stunning waterfalls.

Travel through the rainforests, hike along incredible rivers, and take pictures of the breathtaking surroundings you come across.

These waterfalls are not overrun with tourists as Bali is, so you can enjoy them all to yourself!

Sendang Gile & Tiu Kelep Waterfalls

Tiu Kelep and Sendang Gile Waterfalls, are two magnificent waterfalls in the northern region of Lombok, which are approximately 15 minutes apart by foot.

Despite having various entrances, they are conveniently accessible on foot.

We advise joining a day trip to discover Lombok’s waterfalls as some of them take about a long journey from a few places.
If you wish to join the Lombok waterfall Tour, available to book online on this page.

Benang Stokel, Waterfall

Three stunning waterfalls may be seen in Benang Stokel, a lovely area southwest of Mount Rinjani National Park.
Three identical waterfalls are side-by-side and may be seen after a 15-minute walk from the entrance.
Enjoy your hike through the verdant slopes, cool down in the waterfalls, and bring your camera so you can capture some breathtaking photos.

Kelambu Benang

One of our favorite waterfalls in Lombok is Benang Kelambu, which provides the chance to cool off in the water and take in the surrounding scenery. The route from Benang Stokel to Benang Kelambu can be used by hikers to get there in 40 minutes.
There are numerous photo opportunities throughout the trail, which is appropriate for hikers of all skill levels.
Benang Stokel and Benang Kelambu can be visited together if you join o a private day trip from Kuta or Senggigi and the Benang Kelambu & Benang Stokel Day Tour is available to book online on this page.

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