Lombok Tourism Information & Things To DO

Lombok is becoming much more than just a surfers’ paradise, it is equally alluring, blessed with beaches, towering mountains, and a plain as heavenly as its close neighbor Bali.

Lombok Things To Do


American surfers were the ones who first discovered Lombok’s enormous attraction, giving rise to the modern tourism sector.
They were drawn to the island’s southern coast.
The majority of Lombok’s breakers are found along this diverse succession of bays, reefs, and rocky inlets that runs from Desert Point in the west to Ekas in the east.
Lombok’s breaks are often at their greatest during the wet season, unlike Bali, where surfing peaks in the dry season (April to October) (roughly November to March).
The ideal starting point for wave-chasing is Kuta, about halfway along the coast.

Those who wish to learn to surf in Lombok are available to book online at Adventure Lombok.


The geography of Lombok is dominated by Gunung Rinjani, the second-highest volcano in Indonesia, which draws trekkers.
It’s day-long winding up its jungle-covered hills rewards a sequence of fertile tropical landscapes that are constantly changing.
The view of breathtaking sunrises and volcanic calderas, as well as the feeling of having conquered the entire island, await the tired as they reach the summit. Those who wish to do Mount Rinjani Trekking are available to book online at Adventure Lombok.
Giving back to this very spectacular, active volcano, revered by Sasaks and Hindus, is made possible by green trekking activities like path-side garbage pickup. In the sparsely populated Desa Wisata Alam Bengkaung, trekking is another enjoyable way to pass some time.


The Lombok party scene, aside from the backpacker-friendly centers of Kuta and Senggigi, actually takes place in the island’s tiny outlying satellites, the Gilis.
Gili Trawangan in particular is well known throughout the world for its beach parties, rowdy hostel bars, and beautiful seaside cocktail establishments.
Even though Gili T offers much more than casual beers and boisterous 20-somethings, it is obvious why so many people come here.
It only takes the young people who swarm its streets, buzzed but talking about what will happen later that night, to affirm it.


A less refined approach to experiencing Lombok’s abundant marine life is to go on a guided fishing expedition.
You can anticipate bottom and deep-sea fishing for tuna, trevally, barracuda, mackerel, and a variety of other species whether you talk your way onto a traditional outrigger boat or choose the bigger vessels or more reliable safety record of a modern sport-fishing outfit.
Depending on what you’re after, there are many different places to cast a line around the island due to the reefs, sea walls, and deep waterways that encircle it. The Lombok Strait to Bali, off the southern coast of Kuta, and Bangko Bangko (Desert Point) are all excellent locations.


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