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Sulawesi Indonesia

A Uniquely Paradise in South East Asia

Sulawesi Indonesia Tours and Activities

Sulawesi, formerly known as Celebes, is one of the main islands of Indonesia, and the 11th largest island in the world, covering an area of 174,600 km2. Here rare species such as nocturnal tarsiers and flamboyant maleo birds survive – as do proud cultures, long isolated by impenetrable topography from the onslaughts of modernity.

Meet the Toraja highlanders, with their elaborate funeral ceremonies and beautiful architecture; the Minahasans in the north, who offer spicy dishes made of everything from fish to stewed forest rat; and the lowland and coastal Bugis, Indonesia’s most famous seafarers. This enormous island has much to offer to the visitors from extraordinary unique cultures in Toraja Land, to an under-explored mountainous such as Rantemario, and several truly world class diving spots such as The Takabonerate Islands with also known as the biggest atoll in Asia, The Togian Islands with the famous of B24 Wreck Dive and Una Una Vulcano, Wakatobi Islands in South-East Sulawesi famous of the quotes from Jacques Cousteau “Probably the finest diving site in the world” and Bunaken Marine Park in the North Sulawesi with the famous Wall and Deep Dive. It all combines – the land and the people – to make Sulawesi one of the most unique islands in Indonesia. The following Tours and activities can do in Sulawesi at fully organised trip.


Mt. Semeru & Bromo Trip

Included Hotel, Tours & Activities

This 6 days trekking package take you to explorer the  Java Highest peak of mount Semeru and Mt. Bromo.

Tana Toraja Adventure Trip

Included Hotel, Tours & Activities

Tana Toraja, once it cast its spells, anchors you in it net of bewilderment eternally. Discover it on 8 days fully organised adventure trip

Tana Toraja Tour Short Trip

Included, Hotel, Tours & Activities

Explorer and observe those unique higland, Culture and traditions of Toraja at your 4 Days private holiday trip.

Sulawesi Overland Trip

Included Hotel, Tours & Activities

Special interest adventure trip to Discover the unique culture, landscape, Bira Phinisi Boat Builder, Tangkoko Bunaken on 18 Days trip

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