Villages Around Mount Rinjani Lombok

Villages Around Mount Rinjani Information

There is few villages around Mt Rinjani National Park includes the traditional villages and the Old Mosque. The main villagess are known by climbers are Senaru located on the foot of Rinjani and in North West part known as Senaru Gate. mean while Sembalun located on the East part and called Sembalun gate, both of gate as Rinjani Trekking starting Point. the following details of the villages information. Villages Around Mount Rinjani Lombok Indonesia.

Senaru Village

Located on the foot of Mt. Rinjani, has a traditional Sasak village with in its area. It is an education to see the villagers still maintaining their basic way of life and culture in a very traditional Sasak environtment. The Rinjani Trek Center office is situated in Senaru, where displays and complete information about Mt. Rinjani National Park available. The RTC is the starting point for Rinjani trekking from North Side. The village of Senaru, an easy 2.5 hours drives from Mataram or Senggigi. As a non trekking destination it is also popular a cool, flower filled mountain village stretching along a hill side spur above Bayan. Senaru has range of accommodations in simple home stays (Losmen), and a number of cafes serving delicious local specialties.The Rinjani trek centre at the trailhead offers a displays, ecotourism activities, and visitor information. Village guides, including several local women, escort to visits the adjacent traditional village, three waterfalls, and a number villages walks. Circuit include the one of hour rice terraces and waterfall walk, or discover the highlights of Senaru in Lovely half day Senaru panorama walk.

Sembalun Village

Sembalun lawang is set an ancient an fertile caldera to the east of Mount Rinjani, preferred access route for summiteers. The rich soil produces high quality market garden crops, including the famous garlic and rice, staple of local farmers. Seismic activity is monitored daily at government Rinjani Volcano logy centre. The beautiful valley of Sembalun is also known for its hill walks, recently restore traditional village, active cultural performers and local weavers. Some home stay (Losmen) accommodation is available and trek service are based at park’s Rinjani Information Centre. Women hand-loom weavers in the village of Sembalun Lawang, East Lombok have recently revived their weaving skills with the help of the NZAID Rinjani Trek Ecotourism Programme. The women decided they would like to return to this ancient craft after many years of earning a livelihood by other means. They now work together in co-operative groups sharing skills and resources. In the past weaving was an essential qualification for woman hood, and young girls began to learn the basic skills at an early age. All women were expected to provide their family with fabrics for clothing and ceremonial use. Now, with the widespread availability of factory-made fabrics, hand-loom textiles are used mostly for religious ceremonies and special occasions such as weddings. Although the weavers no longer spin and dye local cotton to make their yarns, the weaving process is nevertheless very labour intensive. The fine yarns must be washed, threaded onto the loom and wound onto bobbins before weaving can start a process which can take several days. Once the looms are set up it takes about a week to complete a length of this stunning cloth. It may be sold as is, or sewn into place mats, bags, cushion covers and belts. All the work is done in the village by local women. The rich colours are achieved by careful selection and blending of basic yarn colours available from the textile mills of Java. These women are masters of colour and the simple, modern motifs they now use show this skill off to great advantage.

Torean Village and Waterfall

East of Bayan, the Torean Waterfall can be reached with in two hours on foot from Torean Village through the beautiful forest. A very popular and scenic way to trek to Mount Rinjani, is by walking along the edge of Koko’ Putih (white River) straith to the floor of the crater. This is a very steep and tough yet spectacular route that takes one day.

Batu Ko’ Village

Just before Senaru village, is a perfectly resful place to stay overnight to prepare before journey ascending Mount Rinjani. There are several basic accommodations and little Warungs (food Stalls) and most of backpackers are base before they heading up to climb up mount Rinjani. Sindang Gile, Tiu Kelep, and Batara Lenjang Waterfalls Sindang Gile waterfall is well known since it is at Senaru. The short walk down to the waterfall to the waterfall offers very beautiful natural scenery and several irrigation channel crossings and small creeks. Lesser known, Tiu Kelep waterfall is a short distance further on. The water is refreshingly cool for swimming. with access from the main road, Senaru’s third waterfall Betara Lenjang is a true rain forest adventure, strictly for rock climbers with a local guide and equipment. Trained local guide can be hired at Adventure Lombok Tour to accompany visitors. Accommodation and Restaurants are located near the entrance to Sindang Gile waterfall.

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