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East Java Indonesia

A Tropical Paradise in Asia

East Java Indonesia

East Java, the rugged Indonesian province, Surabaya as the capital city of the province. It’s known for its volcanoes, including active Mt. Bromo, part of the vast Tengger Massif that falls within Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. Rising from the vast Sea of Sand plain, Bromo affords dramatic crater views and stellar viewpoints over the surrounding countryside. 

East Java not just about it nature, culture this province also has lot of attractions and theme park that can fulfil your holiday type such Jatim Park, etc. Malang is the second city of the region and a bigger contrast to Surabaya could not be imagined. It is a clean, airy city with an important and interesting history. Most tours destinations in East Java beside Mount Bromo such Ijen Plateau, Meru Betiri, Baluran National Park, Alas Purwo, Banyuwangi and much more.


East Java Tours & Activities

Mt. Semeru & Bromo Trip

Included Hotel, Tours & Activities

This 6 days trekking package take you to explorer the  Java Highest peak of mount Semeru and Mt. Bromo.

Mount Bromo & Ijen Tour

Included Hotel, Tours & Activities

Discover the stunning beauty landscape of Mount Bromo & enjoy the stunning turquoise sulphurous Ijen on 4 days trip.

Mount Bromo Tour

Included, Hotel, Tours & Activities

2 Days mount Bromo tour Experience the stunning beauty of Indonesia volcano with it gorgeous sunrise.

Bromo & Malang Tour

Included Hotel, Tours & Activities

Fully organised private of 4 days Yogyakarta higlights includes the Dieng Plateau Highland

Baluran Safari Tour

Included Hotel, Tours & Activities

Experience the exotic panorama of Savannah and mount Baluran, exotic protected animals existing on the earth. Baluran National Park located on Eastern tips of Java.

Semeru – Bromo – Ijen Trip

Included Hotel, Tours & Trekking

fully organised trekking trip to Mount Semeru , Bromo, & Ijen Plateau, explorer  further the Java Highest peak combine with amazing Sunrise of Bromo then concluded with the Blue Flame of Ijen Crater on 7 Days Trip.

Mount Semeru Trekking

Included, Hotel, Tours & Activities

Mount Semeru is the highest summit in Java located in East Java.The mountain offers a good trail, a gorgeous savanna walk and a stunning campsite alongside of Ranu Kumbolo lake.

Explorer East Java

Included Hotel, Tours & Activities

For those who wish to discover  and explore the Highlights tourism destinations of East Java. This tour starting from Surabaya on fully organised 7 days private trip.

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