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Lombok Cultural, Calender of Events, & Festivals 2019

The Sasak live mainly on the island of Lombok, Indonesia, numbering around 2.6 million (85% of Lombok’s population). They are related to the Balinese in language and race, although the Sasak are predominantly Muslim while the Balinese are Hindu.The Sasak language is closely related to the languages of Bali and Sumbawa, and to most other languages of Indonesia more distantly. Little is known about Sasak history except that Lombok was placed under the direct rule of the Majapahit prime Minister, patih Gajah Mada. The Sasaks converted to Islam between the late 16th century to early 17th century under the influence of Sunan Giri and the Muslim Makassarese, frequently mixing basic Islamic beliefs alongside with Hindu-Buddhist beliefs, thus creating the Wektu Telu religion. Lombok was conquered by the Gelgel Balinese kingdom in the early 18th century, thus bringing a large population of Balinese to Lombok. The Balinese population of Lombok today is about 300,000, 10-15% of Lombok’s population. The Balinese have also strongly influenced the Wektu Telu religion of Lombok.Most of the Sasaks today are adherents of the Wektu Lima version of Islam. Wektu Lima or Five Times signifies the five daily prayers which Muslims are required to do.

The term Wektu Lima is used to distinguish them from the Sasaks who are practitioners of Wektu Telu or Three Times who only pray three times a day. Orthodox Islamic teachers generally instruct adherents to pray five times a day.

Large numbers of people adhering to the Wektu Telu faith can be still found throughout the island, especially in the village of Bayan, where the religion originated. Large Wektu Telu communities can be still found in Mataram, Pujung, Sengkol, Rambitan, Sade, Tetebatu, Bumbung, Sembalun, Senaru, Loyok and Pasugulan. A small minority of Sasaks called the Bodha (estimated population: 8000) are mainly found in the village of Bentek and on the slopes of Gunung Rinjani. They are totally untouched by Islamic influence and worship animistic gods, incorporating some Hindu and Buddhist influences in their rituals and religious vocabulary. This group of Sasak, due in part to the name of their tribe, are recognized as Buddhists by the Indonesian government.

The Buddha have the same magico-religious officials and institutions as the Wektu Telu (with the exception of course of the Kiyai, the Wektu Telu religious official dealing with all aspects of the Wektu Telu religion which mixes Islam and animism). The Bodies recognize the existence of five main gods, the highest of which is Batara Guru, followed by Batara Sakti and Batara Jeneng with their wives Idadari Sakti and Idadari Jeneng, though they also believe in Spirits and Ghosts. The Bodha religion is also to some extent influenced by both Hindu and Buddhist concepts. Of late, they have come under the influence of mainstream Buddhism from Buddhist missionaries.

Lombok Calender of Events and Festivals


28 January – 28 February 2019
It is a promotional event for every foreign tourists and domestic tourists who visit Lombok Sumbawa will get discounts starting from tickets, tour packages and even discount shopping. This month all the tourists will be spoiled with all the ease and pleasure of shopping.


20 February – 6 March 2019
Bau Nyale Folk Festival is a Core Event cultural activity on the south coast of the island of Lombok precisely beach Kute, Seger, and Aan in Central Lombok. Nyale scent is a natural occurrence perpetuated in the legendary Princess of the wise Mandalika who became seizure and want to marry her by some crown prince of the kingdoms in Lombok. To avoid the war, the princess chose to sacrifice himself by throwing himself into the sea, after the incident was told the princess turned into nyale (worm wawo) to be enjoyed by all people. This legend is still attached among the people of Lombok.


Lombok Mandalika, 7 – 10 March 2019
The beauty of Lombok will give you the best race scenery through stages. From the beach to mountains, from city crowd to country serenity, from sprint to KOM and ended by city circuit race. Tour de Lombok is a UCI 2.2 race road race that is designed to provide more competition value in line with the increasing world enthusiasm for Sport Bicycles in Indonesia and the World. In addition, this event can be used as one of the new containers to find new talents owned by Indonesia in Sport Bicycle. from the other side of Sports, Tour de Lombok event is to introduce one of the largest tourism potential owned by Indonesia and Lombok Sumbawa West Nusa Tenggara.


Tambora 9-11 April 2019
April 10, 1815, Mount Tambora in West Nusa Tenggara erupted with a very powerful, even far more powerful than the eruption of Mount Krakatau in 1883. In 2019, the incident will be the great explosion into its 204th age. To commemorate the eruption of the mountain, the government of West Nusa Tenggara Province will hold a memorial festival called the “Pesona Tambora Festival”. This festival will feature the arts and traditions of Sumbawa Island (Sumbawa, Dompu, and Bima) such as coffee festivals, horse races, cultural parades and peak events at Doro Ncanga Tambora, Dompu District.

10 April 2019
Lawata Festival as one of the big programs of NTB Provincial Government. This activity is usually centered on Kalaki beach which is about 5km from Sultan Salahuddin Bima Sultah Airport. Bima Bay Festival consists of several series of activities, namely; traditional boat/boat parade, cultural art performances, storytelling contest or known as Mpama Kade’e, a duck catching race at sea and several other entertainment activities.



Islamic Center, Mataram 8 – 25 MEI 2019
NTB is one of halal tourism destinations in Indonesia. During the month of Ramadhan, NTB Provincial Government will present the High Priests of the 4 Middle Eastern countries in the Ramadhan Khazanah activities, and it is expected that Ummah from all over Indonesia and abroad, especially Asia will be present in NTB to perform better and more solemn worship during the holy month Ramadan. So that this activity can be an alternative as well as attraction for the Ummah to meaningful Ramadan meaning during Ramadhan month as well as tighten the relationship between the Ummah with diramaikannya various supporting activities such as exhibitions/bazar, various competitions, talk shows, social events and so forth


Mount Rinjani 22-23 JUNI 2019

This long-distance race is an annual event attended by approximately 18 countries conducted in June 2018. In this event, the race participants can test their guts to run in the area of the foot of Mount Rinjani which has a remarkable beauty. This running activity starts at midnight until it ends at dawn. This long-distance race is followed by renowned runners from both home and abroad


West Sumbawa – Indonesia
Mantar is one of the areas in West Sumbawa Regency that is so beautiful. Mantar is one of the world’s best spots for paragliding activities. In this area, you can pamper yourself with a flight and joy the beautiful scenery as far as your sight.


18 August – 18 September 2019
Bulan Pesona Lombok Sumbawa is one form of activity in an effort to promote tourism in West Nusa Tenggara. In the implementation of local government in cooperation with the artists, cultural, tourism stakeholder and sports community and other related parties as a regional tourism promotion event, exhibition and art performances, art parades and regional performances, Sport Tourism and International Halal Travel Fair which is held for a full month from August to September 2019.


Festival Pesona Moyo

16 – 22 September 2019
Festival Pesona Moyo as a national and international event in the cultural atmosphere of Sumbawa with the concept of location blend with nature / carried out in the tourist destinations. This event involves participants from inside and outside the Sumbawa Regency as well as from various countries in the world, with the aim of introducing Sumbawa as an area that has the potential of high exotic value tourism to the international world. This activity is a concept of “brand” from the exotic value of Sumbawa which has become the agenda of the annual festival in Sumbawa and Indonesia 

Festival Pesona Senggigi
18-21 September 2019
Pesona Senggigi Festival is part of tourism promotion activities in West Lombok regency, especially Senggigi Beach tourist area. As a form of realization of tourism marketing development that is carried out regularly every year, continuously, adapted to the nuances of potential social environment, cultural arts and creative economy.


5 October 2019
Mandalika as a Special Economic area has been certified as a place to carry out international standard running. After successfully holding the International TNI Marathon 2018 in the Mandalika area, this time again the Mandalika International Marathon 2019 event will be held. This event has been noted to have a positive impact on the development of NTB tourism, especially in the Mandalika region, both in terms of Social, Cultural, and community economics around the Mandalika area.


Pesona Desa Wisata

21-22 November 2019
“Tourist village” is usually a rural area that has some special characteristics that deserve to be a tourist destination. In this area,
the inhabitants still have a tradition and culture that is still relatively original. In addition, several supporting factors such as typical food, agricultural systems, and social systems also coloring a tourist village area. Beyond these factors, natural resources and natural environment that is still original and awake is one important factor of a tourist village area.


Rinjani Golf  Tournament

14 – 15 December 2019
West Nusa Tenggara Province in order to expand tourist attraction. In 2019 we will focus on tourism &sport tourism. One kind of sport tourism event that was held was Rinjani Golf Tournament. Rinjani Golf Tournament was held as an annual sporting event of West Nusa Tenggara Provincial Tourism Office which was assembled with NTB anniversary commemoration. In 2019, Rinjani Golf Tournament is predicted to be followed by more participants from various countries.

NB: Information was Taken from Dinas Pariwisata NTB – West Nusa Tenggara Tourism website

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