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Flores and Komodo Island

The Paradise of East Nusa Tenggara

Flores and Komodo Tours and Activities

Komodo & FLores tours and activities offer you a chance to observe these fascinating island on fully organised trips.

Flores offer infinite nature, culture, and adventure exploration for your holiday. Trips can arranged for three days, one week or even ten days depending on your available time. also not to missed cruising in and around the Komodo National Park, enjoy private excursion on white sand beaches, fishing and trekking to discover the world heritage sites and the remaining giant lizard in the world life in their own habitat. All tours and activities run in private trip of minimum two participants are required, we serve you from arrival at the airport til departure. We always listening to our guess by accommodating their wish, if you wish to alter / customised the trip please feel free to contact us as we are happy to discuss you dream trip.


4 Days Komodo Tour

Included Hotel, Tours & Activities

Explore different adventure treks around Komodo and Rinca island of explorer the of beaten trails along the slope of Mount Ara and the Poreng Valley, which is situated 580 meter above sea level. This scenic area will surely dazzle with its rich diversity of exotic fauna, wild orchids and tropical plants

6 Days Flores & Komodo

Included Hotel, Tours, & Activities

Flores & Komodo Island tour offers an incredible opportunity to observe these fascinating lizards in the wild, as you traverse the park’s trails with an experienced ranger, snorkel in the crystal clear waters of Bidadari island also Explorer the UNESCO world heritage sites.

Flores & Komodo Overland

Included, Hotel, Tours & Activities

Explorer Flores infinite nature, culture, and Adventure exploration on fully organised trip to Eastern Nusa Tenggara tourism highlights such Komodo National Park, and inactive volcano of Kelimutu with its three brightly coloured crater lakes, which are steeped in local mythology.

3 Days Trip To Komodo

Included Hotel, Tours & Activities

Explore the famous Komodo Dragons live at their home, a UNESCO World Heritage site, on a 3 days fully organised adventure trip with private boat and guide. This trip offers an incredible opportunity to observe these fascinating lizards in the wild as you traverse the National park trails

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