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Baliem Valley Trip

Baliem Valley and Asmat Tribe Tour

There are three main tribes inhabiting the Baliem Valley area:
The Dani at the base of the mountains, the Lani to the west and the Yali in the southeast. Each tribe has a distinctly different culture. One sure way to tell them apart is the unique style of koteka, or penis gourd, that is worn by the males in each of these tribes. Each tribe cultivates a different gourd, grown and harvested by men, to produce a different style koteka. The Dani wear a long, thin Koteka, the Lani sport a medium sized, wide cannon-like gourd, and the Yali prefer the longest of them all.

The Asmat tribe resides in the tidal swamplands of West Papua’s south coast. They are renowned amongst tribal art experts world wide as woodcarvers of the highest order. They were previously notorious as head-hunters and cannibals. The Asmat Wowipit (wood carver) has a truly spiritual approach to carving and each piece made is imbued with the spirit energy of their ancestors. An Asmat carving can therefore be regarded as a bridge between the material and spirit worlds. The Asmat believe that their creator – FUMERAPITJS – carved their ancestors from trees and gave them the blessing of life, so from the very beginning the relationship of carver to wood is totally sacred.Asmat territory is remote, not always easily accessible. A maze of rivers runs through the lowland swamp forests and the only way to travel is by motorised dug-out between the small villages that fringe the rivers. Accommodation is provided in traditional wooden longhouses.

Aside from local disputes the Asmat are now by and large a peaceful artistic people. They subsist on a diet of sago palm supplemented by fish, prawns and some fowl. They have a particularly strong relationship and regard for the human skull, hence the history of head-hunting, and particularly the skull of a revered ancestor. Skulls are used as pillows or hung as a pendant forming a potent contact point with the spirit world.

If you are of mystical, inquisitive nature, a visit to the Asmat and an experience of their lifestyle and beliefs will be very rewarding indeed. Signs and links to the spirit-world are everywhere. It should be stressed that the Asmat region is sometimes difficult and uncomfortable. There is a lot of mud and insects and any visitor should be prepared for that reality. However, if you have a real interest in probing and understanding Asmat culture then this would be the trip of a lifetime.
Begin and End of Trip

The Baliem Valley and Asmat Tribe Holiday Tour package starts in Jakarta or Bali Airport, and ends at the same airport and can book at any time at minimum one month before departure from your home, the availabilities are depending on boat and accommodation occupancy. The price are quote per person in USD and includes all transfers, guides, accommodation, Klotok wooden house Boat and equipment. Additional costs upon arrival will be minimal and limited to a few drinks and snacks along the way.

All our holiday packages itinerary are customizable, means that you can modify day by day trip to suit your wish and want. Feel free to contact us if you have your own wish and want we will be happy to accommodate your own arrangment.

Duration: 10 Days

Grade: Moderate

Start / Finish: Jakarta or Bali

Transfer to the airport for flight to Timika. Overnight at hotel in Timika.

Depart by local pioneer flight to Ewer airstrip for about 1.5 hrs. Then from Ewer, visit Sjuru Village, Asmat Museums and surroundings. Overnight at simple inn. (B,L,D)

Observe the traditional life and traditional performance of the Asmat Tribe along Atsji and Ambisu. (B,L,D)

Sagoo is the main foodstaple among the Asmat Tribe peoples. They take the starch form a big sagoo using the wooden axe and crush it in the water. The process to make a pure sagoo can be about one day. The local peoples also take the sagoo worm as the supplement fot the sagoo. You will have the chance to tase the local people food. Overnigth at local house in Kawet. (B,L,D)
Day 5: KAWET – JOW

After breakfast at the local house, depart to Jow by motorized wooden canoe to Jow. Just the same like most of the other Asmat Tribe village, Jow village also built onthe river. All buildings, even road all made of wood which is about 1 m or more from the ground. (B,L,D)

Mbis Pole ceremony is among the most important ceremony among the Asmat Tribe people. According to the local, the mBis Pole considerd to have such supranatural power to protect their village. The pole is a nice sclupture made of wood and usually named after an important passed away people. The Asmat Tribe ceremony usually accompanied by cano racing and collosal dance. (B,L,D)

Continue to Biwar Laut by motorized canoe. Biwar Laut is a small village close to the ocean. Most of the local people amke their life from the fishery. (B,L,D)

Today is our last day to sail by the wooden boat to Agats. Overnight at simple accommodation. (B,L,D)

Transfer by boat to Ewer Airstrip for the pioneer flight direct to Timika. Overnight hotel in Timika.(B,L,D)

Deaprture, we will drop you off at Timika airport for your next flight to Bali or Jakarta, end of trip.

Inclusion All meals during the trip – airport transfer on day 1, day 10 – Experience English bilingual guide – Sightseeing and entrance fees as listed in itinerary -snacks and fruits – medical kit – Private air conditioned vehicles. Duration: 10 days Grade: Moderate Activities: Sightseeing, walking Accommodation: Sleep at Hotel Our Wooden House Boat / Klotok Specification Flight Information Flight Information If you need help on flight booking please feel free to contact us, we will be happy on help with extra booking fee of US$ 8/ticket. We are not responsiblle for any delayed, change of the flight schedulle as that’s out of of our control.

You can easily to book our Baliem Valley and Asmat Tribe Tour Package by emaling us, then describe your wish and want, to includes on email: completed name, number of the participants, best time to contact, emergency contact number, Country, Nationality, Address, departure date, and flight details.

Price: US$

All meals during the trip – airport transfer on day 1, day 10 – Experience English bilingual guide – Sightseeing and entrance fees as listed in itinerary -snacks and fruits – medical kit – Private air conditioned vehicles.
Tour schedule

All holiday package are available on demand from January 1st to December 31st all year round, as long as room available at the accommodations use, we are recommended booking made one month before arrival.
Booking Procedure

Step 1 : Making a reservation for an accommodation or package Choose your preferred hotels, resorts, villas, or packages from the provided selection by Adventure Lombok Tour Company. Email us about your desire with complete name and number of the participipants, deaprture date, etc, then we will email you back with the detail required includes the quote. You can customize the trip itinerary offer to suit your wish and want.

Step 2 : Reply to your request
You will be informed about the availability of the requested hotel/resort/villa within 24-48 hours. In case your requested accommodation (s) is not available, our professional team will suggest you an alternative for your consideration.

Step 3 : Confirmation
We will email you the booking confirmation number of your requested hotel which will include passengers’ details, dates, rates, and any included services. You may be required to pay a deposit or to pay in full, depending on payment deadlines with the accommodations.

Step 4 : Payment
For holiday packages and hotel bookings you may pay directly to our accounting department by bank transfer or you may pay by credit card from paypal. If you fail to complete the payment within 48 hours after you have received the confirmation email, your booking will automatically be cancelled without any other notice.

Step 5 : Hotel Voucher
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