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Lombok Daily Guided Tours

Choose Your Excitement Guided Tour To suit Your Holiday Style

Day Tours Lombok

Lombok has many thing to see, do, discover and experience. If you have such short of time but wish to traveling around the island and beyond, why not take our daily guided tours package and visit the highlights and the unique of Lombok island?

Taking a daily guided tour is the best way to discover and experience what you want! Whether you want to immerse your self into historical and cultural tribe, get a great deal on local markets, relaxing and sun baking on untouched white sandy beaches, experience the wonderful underwater world, cycling onto country side and wandering at lush green of rice paddy fields, we have something for you! If you are traveling with your small group of family, couple, or on a cruise ship, and have limited time to explorer the island? the following below are your best option to take during your short holiday visit on Lombok. Our travel expert has designed a wide variety of tours in order to suit your preferences.

If you are not sure which day tours to take, relax!! Tell us a little about your self, your interest, your background, and any dreams you have on your holiday in Lombok, then seat back allow us to suggest a day tour that you can customize to suit your wish and want.

Lombok Daily Guided Tours


Sembalun LombokNorthern Lombok Excursion

Explore and immerse yourself into the native Sasak tribe. Driving to the North of Lombok, this excursion will cover half of Lombok Island. The trip will take approximately 10 hours but is very flexible in order to accommodate what you want to see. We will take you around north, east and central Lombok.

Snorkelling TourSnorkelling Trip To Northern Coast Gili Islands

For travellers who stay on Senggigi, Mataram, or on a Cruise Ship want to visit Gilli islands this tour highly recommended. Once you go, you will see why! This is a great trip to experience all three islands in a day. First, we go North by boat to Gili Trawangan, then to Gili Meno and feeding fishes at Gili Air, Those islands are known as best places for snorkeling.

Waterfall TourLombok Waterfall Tour

This tour covers northern Lombok. You will experience the beautiful nature, culture and see how the people have lived in this region for centuries. Start your day by going along the coastline to visit Malimbu and Nipah Look-out and continue onto Tanjung Traditional Market, a colorful local market.

Lombok Down Hill BikingCountry Side Walking Tour and Wandering at Rice Field

For thousands of years the people of Lombok have cultivated their rich volcanic soil to grow rice. The terraced landscape conjours images of Sasak life over the millennia. Explore vibrant green rice fields where villagers have lived and worked for centuries. An ancient irrigation system nourishes Lombok's most important crop.

Southern Coast GiliSouthern Coast Gili Island Snorkelling Tour

For those looking for a total escape to a small island off Lombok, this white sand beach with crystal clear water filled with tons of colorful fish and coral reef awaits you. On the way to GIli Nanggu, you will visiting Banyumulek a Pottery Village to see how local people make traditional pottery for daily use.

Lombok HandweavingCultural and Beaches Tour

Discover the intriguing sights of the island, beautiful scenery, the unique culture, traditions and way of life. On this tour, you will visit many handicrafts and pottery villages : Banyumulek - a village particularly known for its clay-pots product. Kediri - Rural Market.


Guided Biking Tours

Biking or Cycling is the fun way to explore Lombok unique. Lombok’s charm lies in its centuries-old, Biking are better way to discover this Hidden Lombok then on a fun, easy-going guided bike tour known for its amazing environmental beauty.


SUP Lesson and HireStand Up Paddle Board Lesson and Hire

Senggigi bay is perfect to do the Stand Up Paddle for Advanced and beginner. Sengigi has two spots to do the surf, Left and Right hander especially left hander are good for stand up Paddle Surf and Long Board. Check the availability to get the lesson or just hire the board then explorer the bay.